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Quantum Tunnelling in Enzyme-Catalysed Reactions

28 April 2009

Quantum Tunnelling in Enzyme-Catalysed Reactions Book Cover

In recent years, there has been an explosion in knowledge and research associated with the field of enzyme catalysis and hydrogen-tunneling. The School of Chemistry’s Professor Rudolf Allemann together with Professor Nigel Scrutton of the University of Manchester have edited and contributed to an exciting new book that brings together the foremost practitioners in the field. This up-to-date account of a rapidly developing field sits at the interface between biology, chemistry and physics. It covers computational, kinetic and structural analysis of tunnelling and the synergy in combining these methods (with a major focus on H-tunnelling reactions in enzyme systems).

The book starts with a brief overview of proton and electron transfer history by Nobel Laureate, Professor Rudolph A. Marcus of the California Institute of Technology. The reader is then guided through chapters covering almost every aspect of reactions in enzyme catalysis ranging from descriptions of the relevant quantum theory and quantum/classical theoretical methodology to the description of experimental results. The theoretical interpretation of these large systems includes both quantum mechanical and statistical mechanical computations, as well as simple more approximate models.

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