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International Postgraduate Scholarships 2012

6 November 2012

The School of Chemistry is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s International Postgraduate Scholarships. Yan Ma, Nakarin Subjalearndee and Ziyu Wang are all currently studying the MSc in Catalysis and have been awarded £1800 each for their outstanding performances at undergraduate level. The School welcomes all of these winners and the other International students to the school.

Nakarin Subjalearndee, Yan Ma, Ziyu Wang.

Left to Right:  Ziyu Wang, Yan Ma, Nakarin Subjalearndee,


Nakarin Subjalearndee-Thailand

Nakarin Subjalearndee

After I graduated with a degree from the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Thailand, I wanted to undertake new experiences in both my academic and personal life. I felt that one way of combining both would be to study for a Master’s degree abroad. I decided to search for universities that matched my lifestyle and interests in chemistry. Cardiff University was the best choice because of its School of Chemistry’s research reputation. The MSc in Catalysis scheme has furthered my knowledge of chemistry, and also the environment around the university really suits my lifestyle as it’s very quiet and peaceful. After I arrived at Cardiff, everything was even better than I had imagined! All of the staff in the university and people in the city are very generous to foreign students and I can guarantee that they never hesitate to help if they have any problems, no matter how big or small. The course really encourages and supports my development and allows my special interests in sustainable chemistry and real industrial processes to be investigated in more depth. In the future, if I have a chance to work in a chemical company in the United Kingdom, I definitely won’t hesitate to take that opportunity


Yan Ma-China

Yan Ma

I have loved chemistry since I was a little girl as the chemical world is magical to me. I previously studied in University of Science and Technology Beijing and graduated with a degree in Applied Chemistry. When I decided to go abroad for further study, I found that there was an MSc in Catalysis course in Cardiff University and it is the major reason that I choose the study here. Catalysis widely exists in the natural world, and it is an important branch in chemical research. I am very happy studying here at Cardiff University. The professors are very erudite and patient, and the classmates are nice and friendly. The most exciting thing is that there are several libraries in the campus and I believe I can learn a great deal in this year. Cardiff is a peaceful and picturesque city, which has a great deal of art, history and rich Welsh culture. After I finish the course in I plan to go back to China, find a job in the chemistry industry and maybe I will pursue a PhD degree afterward. However, I will never forget the valuable experience in Cardiff.


Ziyu Wang-China

Ziyu Wang

Cardiff is really a beautiful city and is the capital of Wales. One main attractive feature of the city is that the cost of living is not high for students. The academic quality is high within Cardiff University and this is one of the main reasons why I chose to come to Cardiff. I choose to study this Catalysis course as I think this will give me a promising future. In addition, the tutors are very experienced and they all teach in lectures and the laboratory, and encourage us to explore the subject by doing more reading after class by ourselves, which is very important. I am very interested in the reactions which promoted by catalysts and the latest methods of solving the world’s problems. By using the most advanced technology offered by the University, we have the opportunities to know how the catalysts work and what we should do to improve the chemical process. Within the School of Chemistry, the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) is located. The CCI is an internationally leading research group and is in the top 5 of such teams worldwide. I believe that in this school, I can obtain more than I could previously imagine. After completing the course, I hope that I can work in the chemistry company in UK in areas where I can use my Catalysis MSc knowledge. Alternatively I will apply for a PhD in UK, obviously I will choose catalysis as the main focus of my research.


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