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A Celebration of Organic Chemistry

12 June 2012

On Friday 15th June 2012, the School of Chemistry will host a special one-day symposium to celebrate the contribution that organic chemistry makes to society and to mark the career of Professor Keith Smith, who will retire later this year.

Keynote lectures will be given by Professors Akira Suzuki (Hokkaido University, Japan) and Ei-Ichi Negishi (Purdue University, USA), joint recipients of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Professor Tim Donohoe (Oxford University, UK), who was awarded the RSC Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award 2011.

Shorter talks will be given by Professor Bathkan Singaram (University of California Santa Cruz, USA), Professor Hiroyuki Nakamura (Gakushuin University, Japan), Professor Natalija Koprivanac (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Dr Gareth Pritchard (Loughborough University, UK), as well as Dr Mark Elliott and Dr Gamal El-Hiti representing the Cardiff School of Chemistry.

Professor Smith has spent most of his academic career in South Wales, having moved to Cardiff in 2007 after almost 35 years at the Department of Chemistry, Swansea University. He has had professional collaborations/associations with most of the speakers.

The symposium is being organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry in conjunction with the Learned Society of Wales and the School of Chemistry of Cardiff University. It will be followed by a private dinner at the Saint David's Hotel, organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, which will be attended by a number of eminent scientists including the Chief Scientific Advisor for Wales, the President of Cardiff University and the President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as several of the speakers from the symposium.



Professor Peter Knowles, Head, School of Chemistry, Cardiff University

Session 1 Chair Professor Sir John Cadogan, FRSC, FRS, PLSW, Fusion Antibodies Ltd, UK

Professor Akira Suzuki (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010), Hokkaido University, Japan

"Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: An Easy Way for Carbon-Carbon Bonding"


Professor Bakthan Singaram, University of California Santa Cruz, USA

"Sweetness and Light: Continuous Glucose Sensing with a Fluorescent Thin-Film Hydrogel"


Professor Hiroyuki Nakamura, Gakushuin University, Japan

"Carboranylphenoxyacetanilides as HIF-1α Inhibitors: Photoaffinity Probe Design for Identification of Heat Shock Protein 60, a Primary Target"


Dr Gamal El-Hiti, Cardiff University, UK

"Greener and more regioselective aromatic substitution reactions"


Professor Natalija Koprivanac, University of Zagreb, Croatia

"Advanced Oxidation Processes for Waste Water Treatment"

Session 2 Chair Professor Thomas Wirth

Professor Timothy Donohoe (RSC Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award 2011), Oxford University, UK

"New catalytic reactions designed for the efficient synthesis of natural products"


Dr Mark Elliott, Cardiff University, UK

"Desymmetrisation in natural product chemistry - how to make quaternary stereocentres (and destroy them)"


Dr Gareth Pritchard, Loughborough University, UK

"New Organometallic Routes to Heterocyclic Systems"


Professor Ei-ichi Negishi (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010), Purdue University, Indiana, USA

"Magical Power of d-Block Transition Metals – Pd-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling and Zr-Catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination of Alkenes (ZACA)"


Closing remarks

Professor Ruedi Allemann, Chair of Organic and Biological Chemistry, Cardiff University

17:00Close of Meeting