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Cardiff Spring Conference 2010

5 January 2010

Cardiff Spring Conference

5-6 May 2010

School of Chemistry

(Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre)

Wednesday, 5. May 2010

13.55        Welcome (Peter Knowles)

Chair:        Rudolf Allemann

14.00        Robert Huber (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, near Munich)

                 Intracellular proteolysis, structures, functions, and application

15.00        Coffee Break/Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

Chair:        Graham Hutchings

15.30        Roderick Hubbard (University of York)

                 Experiences in Structure and Fragment-Based Ligand Discovery

16.30        David Chadwick (Imperial College, London)

                 Direct and indirect conversion of bio-derived molecules to chemicals and fuels

19.30        Evening Dinner, Glamorgan Building

Thursday, 6. May 2010

Chair:        Kenneth Harris

9.00          Judith Howard (Durham University)

                 Some Structure - Property Relationships from Diffraction Data.

10.00        Diana Freudendahl (Cardiff University)

                 Synthesis of New Sulfoxide Containing Diselenides and an Unexpected
                 Cyclisation Reaction.

10.15        Alicja Antonczak (Cardiff University)

                 A critical examination of Escherichia coli esterase activity.

10.30        Coffee Break / Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

Chair:       Thomas Wirth

11.00        Jeremy Harvey (University of Bristol)

                 Organocatalysis and Organometallic Catalysis: Computational Insight into
                 Complex Kinetics

12.00        Jean-Marie Lehn (University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg)

                 Perspectives in Chemistry: From Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry

13.00        Lunch Break

Chair:       Barry Carpenter

14.00        Robert Bergman (University of California, Berkeley)

                 Selective Stoichiometric and Catalytic Reactions in Water-Soluble Host-Guest Supramolecular Systems

15.00        Craig James (Cardiff University)

                 Polymer-Drug Conjugates: Solution Conformation by Molecular Design.

15.15        Lucia McDyre (Cardiff University)

                 An EPR and ENDOR Investigation of Chromium-based Oligomerisation Catalysts

15.30        Coffee Break / Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

Chair:       David Knight

16.00        Tilden Lecture: Ian Paterson (University of Cambridge)

                 Total Synthesis of Polyketide Natural Products as Promising Anticancer

17.00        Closing Remarks (Peter Knowles)

17.05        Cheese and Wine


Although there is no formal registration process, please contact Mrs Alison Thompson ( if you would like to attend.