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Post-graduate Research (PhD and MPhil)

Ibrahim Saeed

Ibrahim Q Saeed - PhD student

Cardiff University has been recognized as one of the UK's top universities. Cardiff’s city has lots of on-going activities and is Europe’s youngest capital city, small enough to be friendly and big enough to offer the best of living in a major city. The University is based in and around Cardiff's elegant civic centre, five minutes' walk from the city centre. Academic buildings, student residences and the Students' Union are all within a short walk of each other. It has excellent road and rail links with Britain's major towns and cities, and an international airport, and Cardiff is just two hours away from the centre of London by rail.





Shaoliang Guan

Shaoliang Guan- PhD student

I’ve been living in Cardiff for almost three years and am undertaking my PhD with Prof Gary Attard. It has been an unforgettable experience in my life. The Chemistry school is located in the Main Building within the University and makes me feel that all I've been doing will have an important historical meaning in the future. I treasure each moment here in Cardiff to explore the unknown in the cutting edge chemistry field in which I research. Cardiff is a really nice city in which to live; not too big and not too small. It allows me to either climb mountains in the national park, or enjoy the sea sights down the bay. Life is full of happiness here and I will always remember it.




Jamal Alaboosh

Jamal Alaboosh – PhD, Iraq

Cardiff is a fantastic city with diversity between the old and the new. Its people are friendly and you will scarcely walk down the street without seeing a smile and friendly faces. There is no religious or ethnic discrimination towards the people in this city and so I love living and studying in Cardiff.






Hiwa Omer Ahmad

Hiwa Omer Ahmad – PhD, Kurdistan, Iraq.

Studying at Cardiff University is very interesting because Wales is very nice place to live, especially when I visit some of the amazing places around Cardiff every weekend. Also, Cardiff University has great staff and its support centres are focussed towards helping students. These centres also help students outside their schools to enjoy and develop their skills scientifically.  For me, as a chemist, the School of Chemistry here at Cardiff University allowed me to develop a better understanding of chemistry which I did not have it before.  I’m eager to try to serve and develop my country Kurdistan as much as I can and to use my knowledge to put a stone into the foundation of science and economy reconstruction so to create a new beginning in Kurdistan.




Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan – Iraq; PhD Student

I am originally from Baghdad and have been studying in Cardiff since 2012. Cardiff is an amazing city with a rich history but also a very modern way of life. There are many beautiful places like Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Castle and the National Museum. Cardiff is very friendly and welcoming, especially in the University where I do not feel like an international student at all! The School of Chemistry is a dynamic and stimulating department in which to study chemistry and it has supportive staff and an abundance of analytical instruments for which to use for your postgraduate research.  






Ragini Ramdas

Ragini Ramdas – India; PhD student

I have been carrying out my research in the area of exhaust catalysis within an industrial project involving academics from Oxford, Birmingham and Cardiff universities collaborating with Johnson Matthey, a renowned precious metals specialist company. I am Indian and Cardiff has always given me a feeling of ‘home away from home’. It has welcomed me along with many other international students with a lot of warmth. It is a very student friendly city where you can find people from different cultures and traditions coming together to pursue a variety of courses ranging from Art to science or Business.



Soon Wen Hoh

Soon Wen Hoh – Malaysia; PhD student

I came to Cardiff from Malaysia in 2009. Currently, my project is to apply computational methods in studying metal-support interactions in Catalysis. Experiments won't tell much at atomistic level. With the complement of theoretical studies, insights of reasonable thermodynamics and reaction pathways/mechanism are obtained. The University’s high performance computing system has made this research possible. The staff and colleagues in the School of Chemistry are friendly and supportive in many ways. Cardiff is a diverse city to live in. A hike up Brecon Beacons or enjoying the tranquil surroundings of Cardiff Bay on the weekend helps me to relax from a long week's work.




Ibrahim Wawata

Ibrahim Wawata – Nigeria; PhD Student

I am from Nigeria and my research focusses on the selective oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde using differing metal oxides in the field of Catalysis. Cardiff is a city which is full of history, has lovely weather and has close countryside areas such as the Brecon Beacons. The University is a good home for international students, with the School of Chemistry has many students from all over the world. I am a student within the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) which is the Centre for excellence in Catalysis research the UK. The CCI has state of the art equipment which allows the group to undertake research in differing areas of Catalysis, Surface Science and Solid-State Chemistry. 



Yiji Tang

Yiji Tang – China; PhD Student

I’m from China and I finished an MSc in Molecular Modelling from Cardiff University in 2012. I am now researching a theoretical and computational chemistry project exploring quantum chemical methods. I’m applying these methods in computation using the Molpro program package. My knowledge of the English language improves daily through interacting with other friendly students and staff within the school.