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Prof Stan Golunski  -  BSc PhD CChem FRSC

Research Interests 

  • On-board H2 generation by fuel reforming
  • Exhaust gas aftertreatment – destruction of  CO, VOC, NOx and particulate
  • Control of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reactant-specificity and product-selectivity in heterogeneous reactions
  • Metal-metal oxide interactions in catalytic materials

I have become increasingly interested in the crossover between environmental and process catalysis, and in using catalysts as enabling technologies within integrated systems.  Exhaust gas reforming is an example both of this crossover and of the integration of quite distinct technologies. Unlike exhaust aftertreatment (where the engine and a catalytic converter are consecutive units), in exhaust gas reforming the engine and a catalytic reactor form a closed loop (see figure below).  I am working closely with combustion engineers at the University of Birmingham to use this concept to recover the waste heat produced by IC engines, by catalysing useful chemistry in exhaust pipes.

On a more fundamental level, I am interested in understanding the interactions that can occur between metals and metal oxides, particularly where these lead to the creation of new active sites. The challenge lies not just in identifying these sites, but in stabilising them against deactivation and poisoning.