eCAADe RIS2017


The Virtual and the Physical

Between the representation of space and the making of space

5th eCAADe Regional International Symposium 2017, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 2017 April 26 / 27 / 28

The realm of computation in architecture spans from the virtual representation of space to its physical making. Beyond the visualisation of space we are concerned with the different models of space to explore and uncover its relevant properties. At the symposium we will explore the dimensions of space beyond its physical existence and try to understand the implication of computation in architecture to social, political and environmental spaces. At the other end of the spectrum computation in architecture intends to optimise, automate and integrate effective methods and concepts into architectural production. Through biomimicry/biophilia and material computation, we explore alternative approaches to space construction. We are interested in the gravitational field between the afore-mentioned extreme ends of computation in architecture. Within the symposium we intend to uncover how computation in design and fabrication influences our understanding of space and, reciprocally, how the computational representation of space impacts the production of architecture. We aim to reach to the extremes of the spectrum of architectural space to critically speculate about its creation in theory and practice.

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