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Our facilities include an architectural robotics lab, a workshop, media lab, library and a digital fabrications lab.

Books on bookcases


The Architecture Library is conveniently located within the School, offering access to its collection of books, journals, reference and technical literature and audio-visual material. 

Robotic arm

Architectural robotics lab

A 6-axis high accuracy robotic arm to research the potential for robotic construction and digital fabrication in architecture.

Laser cutting in the Digital Fabrication Lab

Digital fabrication lab

The digital fabrication laboratory at the Welsh School of Architecture is a facility for the digital fabrication of computer-generated components and models.

Living Lab

Living lab

The Living Lab was designed to encourage and support greater engagement with local communities, industry and the professions, as well as with fellow academics in Cardiff University and beyond.

Hybrid Studio

Hybrid studio

The Hybrid studio provides an ideal environment for the reviews, tutorials and conversations that are so central to design teaching and learning.

Students working in the Bute workshop


The workshop is managed by Dan Tilbury and assisted by Mark Blenkin. Together they have a breadth of skills in carpentry, furniture design and model making.

Student social area

Postgraduate research student spaces

Our postgraduate students have their own dedicated spaces within Bute building for both rest and study.

Exhibition space

Exhibition space

The Exhibition Space is at the centre of the building and is used by staff and students for large meetings, conferences, events, exhibitions and open days.

Bute building

Redesigning Bute

We are within a major reconfiguration of the Welsh School of Architecture which includes redesigning our Bute Building.