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Welsh School of Architecture strengthens relationships with priority partner Dalian University of Technology through visits

26 February 2024

In a bid to foster academic exchange and collaborative research endeavours, the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) at Cardiff University continues to deepen its partnership with Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China through study visits. The international Priority Partnership was formalised in 2022, following an initial Memorandum of Understanding in 2018.

Founded in 1949, Dalian University of Technology is a national key university directly administrated by the Ministry of Education of China. In September 2017, Dalian University of Technology was selected into the “Double First-Class” Initiative. Dalian University of Technology has three double world-first class disciplines: mechanics, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. Dalian University of Technology also  enjoy a multi-disciplinary system that focuses on science and engineering and coordinates the disciplines of economics, management, humanities, law, philosophy, and arts.

The Welsh School of Architecture received two delegations visiting the Welsh School of Architecture in January 2024. The first delegation comprised of ten individuals from the School of Architecture and Art at DUT, including an Associate Professor in Architectural Science, PhD students, and MSc students specialising in various architectural and urban planning disciplines. Their visit to the Welsh School of Architecture was aimed at facilitating a study tour, allowing for cross-cultural learning and exchange of ideas.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Infrastructure Engineering at DUT, consisting of two members, visited Cardiff University for a collaborative research project on Smart and Healthy Building. Supported by the CU-DUT collaborative fund, this project exemplifies the tangible outcomes arising from the partnership between the two institutions, ideas, as well as marking an important collaboration facilitated by the Royal Society International Exchange.

To facilitate the research exchange, WSA organized a jointed CU-DUT workshop themed ‘Smart and Healthy Buildings and Cities toward a Net-zero Carbon Future’. We had an array of 10 exceptional presentations, contributed by scholars from various schools within Cardiff University, including  WSA, Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics, and Earth Science. In particular, we had two presentations from our visiting researchers from Dalian University of Technology in China. Professor Wendy Larner, Vice Chancellor of Cardiff University, had previously visited DUT earlier in the year, laying the groundwork for these reciprocal visits.

Reflecting on the recent engagements, Professor Zhiwen Luo (Professor in Architecture at WSA) remarked, "Following Vice Chancellor Professor Wendy Larner's visit to Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China earlier this year, we were pleased to host two delegations from DUT in January 2024.”

“These scholarly visits from the Architecture and Civil Engineering faculties of DUT are a testament to the robust collaborative partnership that has been forged between the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) at Cardiff University and DUT. We eagerly anticipate forthcoming initiatives and are committed to deepening our engagement through teaching and research exchanges between WSA and DUT."

The ongoing collaboration between WSA and DUT underscores the commitment of both institutions to academic excellence, cross-cultural understanding, and the pursuit of innovative solutions in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. As both institutions continue to leverage each other's strengths, the partnership is poised to yield impactful outcomes that transcend geographical boundaries.

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