Summer Term 2012 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2

Instrumentalising Istanbul
Nilufer Kocabas & Vikrant Tike

This vertical studio will be a collaborative project between the students of Cardiff University and Bilgi University (Istanbul). This will provide an opportunity to share architectural and cultural background through the lens of this dynamic and vibrant city.

The workshop will focus on students making an architectural object, ‘an instrument’, that will perform with the city. The workshop will begin with students exploring the Galata area and walking through the active street near the Galata Tower in Istanbul. This is a street famed for selling traditional Turkish musical instruments. Students will be taken to local artisan workshops to learn, document process of making and appreciate the refinement of the skills involved.

Taking inspiration from the field trip the students will be asked to propose an architectural instrument through which they will be synthesizing old methods of craftsmanship with new fabrication techniques such as laser cutting and CNC. This instrument will be one that can perform and engage with the city; its streets, its views, its elements and its people.

Vertical Studio