Summer Term 2012 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2

I am not moving
Luca Carraro & Graziella Corti

The Occupy London Movement is your client. You are asked to design an innovative way to occupy public space. Whether this stems from a utilitarian standpoint of supplying basic amenities as described above, or a tool to further objectives of publicity that can be used in marches and demonstrations- or a hybrid of these- it is up to you. In scale, this can range from anything from a garment for social awareness, to a temporary structure for shelter- proposals should be lightweight, transportable or wearable to be deployed anywhere with relative ease, and engaging for both user and the public/spectator.

Form and materials should be informed by the social aspect of intended use.

Non-violence, civil disobedience, and solidarity should be adopted ethical guidelines.

Students will look at how their proposal will form part of a meta-strategy.

1:1 prototypes and drawings at appropriate scale should form the basis of this investigation.

Vertical Studio