Summer Term 2012 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2

Speaker's Corners
Julika Gittner

The students will look at the arrangement of public spaces in Cardiff and investigate their spatial set-up. They will decipher the social and cultural clues transmitted by the placements of street furniture such as bollards, barriers and balustrades and begin to understand their intention in terms of regulating public interaction. Using sequences of still photography and drawing the students will de-code the spatial choreography of communication at play in the city and begin to devise strategies of how to subvert the given set-up.

On the basis of this analysis the students will design and build furniture pieces in groups of three from found materials. The devices will be installed in public space where they will physically intervene and tamper with the existing situation in order to enable encounters between people. The constructions will be big enough to host a debate between at least two people. The pieces will be tested by the students in the city and the public’s interactions documented in sequences of still photography and drawing and presented alongside with the initial analysis and the furniture piece at the final review of the vertical studio.

Vertical Studio