Welsh School of Architecture staff

Prof Adam Hardy

Professor of Asian Architecture
Date Details
2013 Temples of Ashapuri, conservation feasibility study, World Monuments Fund, first phase Rs. 16,00,000 (about £75,000)
2012 Ashapuri and the Formation of Bhumija Temple Architecture, INTACH-UK Trust, £1,608
2010 AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership award (with British Museum), £55,050
2010 Shree Kalyana Venkateshwara Temple near Bangalore
2010 Multimedia animation for ‘India: the Art of the Temple’ exhibition
2006 The Indian Temple: Production, Place, Patronage, £632,186 f.e.c., AHRC.
2004 ‘Culturally Sensitive Healthcare Environments’, report commissioned by NHS Estates, with Professor Mark Johnson et al. (De Montfort University): shared grant of £29,000. Contribution on architectural issues and the arts in healthcare.
2001 ‘Indian Temple Architecture and Dance’, collaboration with Dr Alessandra Lopez y Royo (University of Surrey) on connections and parallels between Indian classical dance and Indian classical architecture: shared grant of £5,000, AHRB.
2001 ‘Paramara Temples in Central India’, £1,964, British Academy.
1997 ‘Vernacular Architecture of Orissa’, £4,000, INTACH UK, £1,000, Society for South Asian Studies.
1997 ‘Shekhari Temples in Gujarat’, £1,000, Society for South Asian Studies.
1992 ‘Temples of the Yadava Period in Maharashtra’, £1,000, The Ancient India and Iran Trust, £1,200, Society for South Asian Studies.
1987 ‘The Tamil Dravida Tradition’, £1,650, Society for South Asian Studies.