SAWSA is the student run society for the architecture course at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA). We aim to run not just social events, but also educational lectures by practicing architects, life drawing classes, staff-student meetings, external meetings with local groups such as Design Circle or RSAW, and an annual ball for students, staff and external architects. In essence, SAWSA acts as an intermediate for its students and the field of architecture both inside and outside of the university.

SAWSA helps to integrate the various years together, enabling the strong social culture that we share here to be maintained and to allow, help and support to be available throughout the school. SAWSA is also committed to raising awareness of architectural issues outside of the university by maintaining links with the local architectural community both in Cardiff and the UK.

SAWSA's main activity throughout the year is the fortnightly lecture series in which leading architects/designers come to speak about their work, philosophies and interests, giving the students an insight in architectural post qualification. We will host a series of lectures for the school, life drawing sessions and an educational film series on a regular basis. The main event of the year will be the architecture ball in 2012. There will also be numerous social events from the freshers party to a Chinese New Year meal, all of which are fundamental activities to the society.


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