WSA's Paola Sassi's home featured in 'The Independent'

Paola Sassi decided to take the unconventional approach when it came to building her very own house, using all sustainable materials to create the complete building from floor to roof. Hemp insulation has been implemented throughout the house which has many advantages including the ability to recycle the hemp. In addition to this, the hemp has been installed in such a way that if the building were to ever be demolished, the hemp can be taken out and used in another property.

The house walls have also been lined with sustainable timber (plywood sheets) and coated with wax. This has resulted in a 19C temperature inside the house. The house has also been constructed using a timber frame again from a sustainable forest source

The WSA would like to congratulate Paola on her amazing achievement and this has also been recognised by the national paper 'The Independent'. It is certainly something to be proud of and perhaps for the rest of us something to follow and aspire to.

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