This years British Council Cityscapers studio
[March 2009]

from the British Council website:

For two weeks in March/April 2009 more than 60 outstanding designers, planners, artists, architects and engineers from Australia, Japan, China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and Wales will work on a live design brief in an intensive two week studio in Cardiff. This is a partnership between the British Council and Professor Richard Goodwin’s Porosity Studio (College of Fine Arts UNSW) in collaboration with Cardiff University, the University of Glamorgan, and University Wales Institute Cardiff. This studio is generously supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff Council, Design Commission for Wales, Safle, RSAW and Design Circle.

The concept behind this multi-disciplinary design studio is to juxtapose a suite of strategies and visions for Cardiff as a city thinking as far ahead as the year 2020. The central focus for this studio is small cities/big neighbourhoods. Talk about cities usually focuses on our larger metropolises as their problems remain so vast. However as cities around the world merge and spread with explosions of the suburban, solutions need to be sought which address the old island-like centres with their rich cultures and the rural landscapes they are progressively consuming. Smaller cities generally are growing faster than larger ones across Europe and are having to think carefully about appropriate urban forms, housing types, neighbourhood facilities, transport systems, green space and, of course, jobs.

Organised by: British Council, Porosity Studio (College of Fine Arts, UNSW), in collaboration with Cardiff University and the University of Glamorgan.

This studio is generously supported by the International Relations Programme of the Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff Council, Design Commission for Wales, Safle, RSAW and Design Circle.

The Cityscapers Studio is a British Council project that seeks to foster generative links between young creative makers: architects, artists, designers and urbanists in the countries of South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Directed by Richard Goodwin through his Porosity Studio initiative, the Cityscapers Studio is a three year British Council funded and administrated programme to identify, select and bring together students from: Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. The project is an intense cross-disciplinary engagement with a city, a site and a question with regard to the considered contribution of the visual disciplines in the contemporary city.