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BRE Centre for Sustainable Design in the Built Environment (SuDOBE)

The Welsh School of Architecture has established a new research centre with joint funding from the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the Welsh Assembly Government and the University. Through the Centre, the partner organisations will collaborate on key areas of research in sustainable design. This is one of four centres in the UK part-funded by the BRE Trust, each tackling a different area of research linked to the built environment. The external support for the Centre recognises the contribution the School has made to research on building performance and sustainability for more than thirty years. The BRE has also awarded the School research studentships. The Centre will work closely with BRE Wales, and with other centres in the School, such as the Design Research Unit and the Centre for Research in the Built Environment, to promote sustainable design in the region and to explore new avenues of research.

Professor Chris Tweed has recently been appointed as BRE Trust Research Chair and Director of the Centre. A graduate of the School, he is returning to Cardiff from Queen's University Belfast, where he was formerly Head of the School of Architecture. His previous appointments include Director of the EdCAAD research unit at the University of Edinburgh, and Visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. His interests include both technical and user-centred aspects of design as well as the socio-technical interface between people and the built environment. He sees the Centre as performing an integrative function, bringing together research findings from disparate fields of study, as well as conducting new research on improving the performance of existing buildings, investigating human interaction with energy systems, and developing tools for effective communication and sharing of design knowledge.

Further information about the Centre is available here or by contacting Chris Tweed:

Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 6207).