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We are honoured by the visit of Prof Jan Cremers and Dr Geiger from the University of Applied Science Stuttgart, 3rd May 2012 at WSA

A brief description about the research interests of Prof Jan Cremers:

Having spent some years working with Thomas Herzog in Munich, this has influenced me a lot. I did a PhD on vacuum-insulating systems at his chair. There, I also led an EU-funded project on the improvement on highly insulating window frames (RE-FRAME) together with Werner Lang.

After the time at TU Munich I joined Hightex and so I am working with membranes for some years now: Regarding research, I look into new materials and functional coatings to improve optical and thermal performance for example. We have developed a solution to integrate flexible thin film PV into membranes (foils and textiles). With Hightex and the HFT we currently work together on a project to research the potential of membranes for the use in the building stock.

My research focus at HFT was mainly dominated by the SDE-project home+ so far. There are some applications in the pipeline to follow up on some of the most innovative aspects of the house: One is dealing with the further development of a new PV-T-collector we had designed for the roof of home+ (electricity during the day, cooling at night).

Most of the topics are concerned with the building envelope. And I always try to combine my background as an architect with the engineering approach I have adopted at Herzog's.

JHH/ 24-04-12, WSA

Thursday 3rd May 2012
10:00-10:30 Dr Geiger (Head of International Office):
"Erasmus Exchange" (complulsory for contemporary first year students!) / Room 2.32
11:00-12:00 Prof Jan Cremers:
"Inovative membrane architecture, recent developments and projects" / Room 2.32
Target: March, BSc, MSc and PhD students & research Staff & Professionals
15:00-16:30 Prof Jan Cremers/ Location: Birt Acres:
"HFT Stuttgart's home + on solar decathlon Europe 2010 (recent developments in solar architecture)"
Target: March, BSc, MSc and PhD students, Staff (and research staff) & Professinals
This second lecture is a real boost in regard how students can be involved, an important contribution towards sustainable architecture!
JHH/BSc Convenor, WSA

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