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Angela Langley

Research Project Summaries

The following summarises a few of the research projects which I have managed;

Sustainable Environmental Improvements in the Commercial Sector (SEnvICS) (value £241,304) is European funded project running until June 2008. In essence, it is a pilot flag-ship project for Newport City Council, which aims to disseminate and encourage the uptake of a Good Practice Guide developed from previous Carbon Trust funded projects as noted below. For further details of this project, click here.

RESCOPE – Real Energy Savings through the Code Of Practice for commercial leasEs
A 12-month Market Diffusion project funded by the Carbon Trust (value £92,000). The project focused on the feasibility for incorporating model lease clauses developed from the previous Carbon Trust-funded project into the Government’s Code of Practice for Commercial Leases in England and Wales. The project was partnered by Eversheds, King Sturge, RICS Foundation and the Environment Agency Wales. The project provided support to public and private commercial buildings in the form of dissemination and training events. The project aims to encourage uptake of the Code of Practice which currently, according to recent reports by Land Securities is very low.

Re-lease your energy efficiency
An 18 month Carbon Trust-funded R&D under their Low Carbon Innovation Programme (value £102,000). This project investigated the development of lease contracts to provide shared benefits for both landlord and tenants through improved energy efficiency and environmental best practice. The project was partnered by Eversheds. King Sturge, RICS Foundation, the Environment Agency Wales and Envirowise. Over 35 companies both large and small, participated in the project which were based in 5 commercial buildings in Cardiff together with their respective landlords. The project provided environmental reviews and training to each “Custer Group” or building and identified a need for further guidance documents during lease negotiation stages between tenant and landlord, integrating energy efficient techniques and management together with environmental best practice.

Green Networking for SMEs in Cardiff
A 2-year ERDF funded project (value £307,823) for SMEs from all industrial sectors of Cardiff Objective 2 eligible wards. The project focused on the recruitment of 80 SMEs into sector specific industry clubs for environmental training, provision of bespoke environmental support and the development of a forum based platform for the sharing of best environmental practice across the sectors. The project was partnered by Cardiff County Council, Keep Wales Tidy, Cardiff Waste Forum and the HM Revenue and Customs.

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