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Sven Schmedes

Sven Schmedes is an architect specialized in Project Management. During his career he has worked on several international stadium projects in Germany, Dubai, South Africa and India. For his research on sustainable integration of stadiums he received a grant from the International Olympic Committee.

Before becoming a partner of Foster + Partners he worked for von Gerkan, Marg and Partner (gmp), Bovis Lend Lease IRW AG and Michael Wilford. In 2009 Sven founded German Project Management India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India.

Sven Schmedes

PhD Abstract:
Strategies Towards Sustainable Integration of Major Sport Facilities into the Urban Context

Sports facilities such as stadiums have a huge impact on the existing urban context and on regional development. This impact is multiplied when several new sport facilities are built for single mega-events like the Olympic Games.

This research analyses the post-effects of mega-events such as the Olympic Games on the existing urban context and on regional development. The results of this research will establish outlines for strategies towards a more sustainable integration of major sports facilities.

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