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Sabina Fazlic

Sabina Fazlic is an architect with an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Specialising in the sustainability of tall buildings, her experience in this field includes acting as a visiting tutor for a tall buildings design studio at Nottingham University, co-founding a research working group at the Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, and developing bioclimatic strategies for a skyscraper proposal in Birmingham for Broadway Malyan. She currently teaches on the MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies (DL) course at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

PhD Abstract:
Design Strategies for Environmentally Sustainable Residential Towers in the Cool Temperate Climate of Europe and North America

Sabina’s PhD research focuses on the development of a coherent method for the environmental design of high-rise towers. Recognising that architects often have a lack of experience and knowledge of sustainable principles and environmental methods of design suitable for the type, this research aims to introduce a design process, in the form of a framework, for environmentally sustainable towers. Furthermore, as environmental design is sensitive to both climate and building function, it focuses specifically on residential buildings in the cool temperate climate. It aims to be effective both in terms of improving building performance and as a method of guidance, and so tests carried out by her and a number of student groups are used to achieve this aim. Although there is relatively little existing research in this emerging field, the project nevertheless examines current case studies and design approaches, most notably that of Ken Yeang, to inform this framework. The resulting design guidance is intended for application in both architectural practice and in education.

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