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Guoying Hou

Guoying Hou has a Masters in Architecture from Tianjin University. During her studies she became interested in sustainable development and has been involved with a number of projects. Both her practical experience and her studies in sustainable design and computer techniques have led her to undertake further research in sustainable built environment development.

Guoying Hou

PhD Abstract:
Understanding of Occupant Behaviour on Energy Consumption in Existing Homes

Guoying's main research interest is in the low carbon built environment, with the main focus on the energy saving potential associated with modified comfort limits in transitional spaces (locations connecting the interior and exterior environment). Such spaces may not require the same close environment control necessary for more fully occupied spaces and thus a wider variation in conditions and thermal comfort may be permitted. Research methods include computer modelling, monitoring, questionnaires and interviews. This research will contribute towards improving the thermal comfort standards as well as saving energy in transitional spaces.

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