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Anthony Lo

Anthony Lo received his BEng in Building Services Engineering with First Class Honours from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and obtained an MSc degree in Environmental Management with Distinction from the University of Hong Kong. He is a registered professional engineer in the building services, environmental and fire disciplines in the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

He worked at a consultation firm for more than ten years. There he participated in different kinds of environmental design work related to building services in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. He had special expertise in conducting research, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning design, fire and acoustic engineering analysis. He is currently working as a senior smart grid business development manager at a utility company.

Anthony Lo

PhD Abstract:
Optimising the cost and energy performance of a district cooling system with the low delta-T syndrome

This research looks at the energy efficiency and environmental benefit of using a district cooling system (DCS) to replace discrete air-conditioning plants in individual buildings. DCS is widely adopted in the USA, Japan and Europe. Their applications are geographically orientated depending on the local weather conditions, fuel supply, environment, and the utilities’ business market. For a successful application of DCS in Hong Kong, it is vital to select technologies which are feasible and can offer substantial benefits in terms of energy consumption, cost savings, and CO2 emission reduction.

A techno-economic approach will be applied to evaluate the DCS. The research will deal with the energy efficiency evaluation, environmental impact assessment and the economic feasibility analysis of using DCS in Hong Kong.

The key objectives of the study are to understand the operation and economics of DCS in overseas countries; to identify relevant technical and economic barriers for the implementation of DCS; to evaluate various technologies and operational strategies of DCS and look into feasible technical solutions; to develop a model to ascertain the optimum energy saving solutions for a DCS; and to examine the techno-economic viability of using DCS in Hong Kong for energy conservation.

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