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Llên Cymru

In 1950, Llên Cymru was established at Cardiff University by the versatile Welsh scholar, Professor G.J. Williams, as a forum to share quality research on Welsh literature.

The publication was edited by G.J. Williams, in Cardiff, for 13 years, and the editorship was held in Cardiff until 1996 under the care of A.O.H Jarman and latterly Ceri Lewis.

Gruffydd Aled Williams from Aberystwyth took over until the editorship returned to us at the School of Welsh at Cardiff University in 2013.

Llên Cymru is the premier academic journal in its field, publishing the highest-quality reflections on Welsh literature and literary criticism.

We especially welcome innovative research articles that extend our understanding of Welsh texts of any period and offer new interpretative contexts. We also publish a notes section for short contributions and reviews of books relevant to the field.

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Llên Cymru is available in print and online. It is available for free if you are a member of a university library and some public libraries.

You can subscribe to receive a print or online copy via the University of Wales Press.


If you would like to contribute an article to Llên Cymru, or if you have a volume you would like us to review, please contact the editors via email.


Llên Cymru