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We have produced a number of research papers, project reports and websites relating to our research in the fields of language, literature and culture. Here are some examples of current research projects.

The Office of Language Commissioner in Wales, Ireland and Canada

The purpose of this pioneering study of the implementation of official language policy in Wales, Ireland and Wales was to make an evidence-based contribution to public policy, and that within a regional political entity that is gradually evolving.

Reading Identities

Researching the pedagogy of interpreting literature in the context of diversity and inclusion is the aim of Dr Rhiannon Marks and Dr Siwan Rosser's innovative project. The next stage of the project will be to develop a series of resources and lesson plans which will in due course form the basis of an electronic support package to be shared with Welsh teachers nationally.

An Edition of the Welsh Merlin Poetry

Dr Dylan Foster Evans and Dr David Callander are leading a new three-year project to prepare a digital edition and translation of the Welsh poetry associated with Merlin.



‘Beth yw’r Gymraeg?’

This book gives a taste of the excitement, the opportunities, the challenges and the dangers that are an integral part of studying the Welsh language - something which is alive and changing that we cannot control, even if we wish to do so. The aim of this e-book is to share the enthusiasm that fuels researchers in the field, giving them the opportunity to show in their own style and methods why they love studying the Welsh language.

Watch Your Welsh

Welsh has some sounds and pronunciation patterns that are not common in English and some other languages, and can therefore cause difficulties for those learning the language.

In this project, we provide insights into the pronunciation of Welsh language by employing state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at Cardiff University’s world-leading Brain Imaging Centre (CUBRIC).

Central South Consortium Standardised Welsh-language Reading Test

The aim of this project was to create a convenient reading test for monitoring reading accuracy among children in Welsh-medium schools. The test was commissioned by the Central South Joint Education Consortium and was compiled by a team of researchers from Cardiff University.


Welsh Text Summariser

The Welsh Text Summariser is a resource that automatically compiles summaries of Welsh texts. It is a further contribution to the automated resources available in Welsh and facilitates the work of those involved in the preparation of documents.

National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh (CorCenCC)

CorCenCC is a language resource for Welsh speakers, Welsh learners, Welsh language researchers and, indeed, anyone interested in the Welsh language. CorCenCC is an accessible collection of numerous language samples, collected from real communication.


The main aim of this project was to develop an open access online thesaurus, available for free, for Welsh speakers and learners alike.


Studying the Life and Work of Ann Griffiths

A bilingual website by Cardiff University for studying the life and work of Ann Griffiths (1776-1805), one of Wales' greatest poets and one of Europe's great religious poets.

Welsh Ballads

Welsh Ballads Online contains around 4,000 digitized ballads, mainly dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the collections of the National Library and Cardiff University Library.

Dafydd ap Gwilym

The aim of this exciting project, funded by the AHRC and led by Professor Dafydd Johnston of Swansea University, was to produce an electronic edition of the works of the greatest Welsh poet of the Middle Ages.

Guto'r Glyn Project

Guto'r Glyn was the most important poet of the fifteenth century, and Dr Dylan Foster Evans was one of a team of scholars who produced a new edition and study of his poetry.

Welsh Prose 1300-1425

The prose of the middle period has survived in over eighty manuscripts compiled between about 1250 and 1450. This body includes the laws, historical, religious, medical, and grammatical works, legends translated from Latin and the French, and, of course, the legends of the Mabinogion.