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About us

We are a welcoming, thriving and supportive school.

Welsh flag behind held by two people

Although we are the oldest department of Welsh in Wales, we look towards the future and the development of our language, society and identity in contemporary Wales.

Studies in language and literature are combined with unique modules relating to the Welsh language in contemporary Wales. We use innovative and cutting-edge study methods when teaching all our modules. The wide variety of modules available to undergraduate students includes translation studies, language technology in the digital age, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, ethnicity and multiculturalism, mapping the Welsh, Welsh-language culture in the city of Cardiff, and much more.

With leading academic staff who are active in their fields, we influence social, cultural and political life in Wales and beyond.

We feed our research specialities into our teaching and are keen to nurture your skills and contribute to your success in a way that will make a difference to your future. You will also have a number of opportunities to pursue a period of work experience in a range of organisations.

You will also be able to get to know school staff at social events held during the academic year. This, as well as the support you receive from school staff, will ensure that you feel like a member of the School of Welsh family long after you have finished studying with us.

Beyond degree programmes, we help ensure that the language thrives by serving the local community. Learn Welsh Cardiff teaches the language to over 1,700 adults in Cardiff. In addition to this, we provide the National Sabbatical Scheme under the auspices of the Welsh Government in Mid South Wales and South East Wales.