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Our expertise encompasses a range of themes and subjects which spans literature, from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period, as well as language, including sociolinguistics and language planning and policy.

Research areas

  • Welsh Literature through the centuries
  • Translation studies and language technology
  • Identity, ethnicity and multiculturalism
  • Creative and critical writing
  • Folk studies
  • Welsh/American studies
  • Children’s literature
  • Language acquisition and learning
  • Language planning and policy
  • History and the development of Welsh (including dialects)
  • Sociolinguistics (Welsh and other Celtic languages)
  • Welsh in Cardiff and the borders


On the literary side, the research interests include prose and poetry from the Middle Ages, folk literature and legends, historiography and literature, the hymn and the ballad, women’s studies, literary theory and criticism, children’s literature, and various aspects of contemporary literature.


On the linguistic side, the research interests encompass the development of Welsh and its dialects, teaching methods and language acquisition in a comparative context, sociolinguistics of Welsh in Wales and beyond (e.g. Patagonia and USA) and language sociology. The innovative work in the field of language planning influences Welsh Government policies and the work of the Welsh Commissioner.

Bridging language and literature are the other interests of the School including the theory and methodology of conversion, translation and editing, identity and multiculturalism, performing theory and the study of religion in Wales.

We welcome visiting scholars. Contact Dr Jonathan Morris to discuss our research and your interests.