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Scientists find first evidence of microplastics passing from insects to predators in rivers

21 May 2020

Study finds birds eat hundreds of microplastics every day - and inadvertently feed them to their chicks


PhD Insights: Bridging the gap between biology and engineering

11 May 2020

PhD student Stephanie Mueller conducts interdisciplinary research to explore fish responses to flow alterations caused by barriers and turbines in riverine systems.


PhD Insights: Exploring post-earthquake debris flows in China

14 April 2020

PhD student Erin Harvey spent two months in China to research post-earthquake debris flows and their evolution.

Beaked whale

Scientists predict the size of plastics animals can eat

27 March 2020

New equation could help determine risk of plastics to any species - and amount of plastic entering food chains


Addressing challenges of climate change and its impact on water resources for acutely vulnerable regions

26 March 2020

Dr Michael Singer, Deputy Director of the Water Research Institute, talks to the GW4 Alliance about collaborative research from the GW4 Water Security Alliance on the impact of climate change on water resources.


PhD Insights: Research visit in Wuhan…just before the pandemic!

10 March 2020

PhD student Giovanni Musolino spent six week working at Wuhan University's hydraulic laboratory to conduct flood experiments.

Two houses completely flooded

PhD Insights: Climate change and human rights

25 February 2020

PhD student Sam Varvastian analyses rights-based claims related to climate change issues that endanger the lives and livelihoods of communities across the globe.

Kaieteur Falls Rainforest - Guyana

Scientists produce emergency plan to halt decline in freshwater species and habitats

19 February 2020

Cardiff University is part of global team urging immediate action


New research examines the impact of the textile usage on freshwater environments

10 February 2020

Global demands for synthetic and natural textiles places freshwater environments under increasing pressures.


Walking the talk: Cardiff Water Research Institute's pledge for sustainability

4 February 2020

The Water Research Institute has decided to ‘walk the talk’ and take a sustainability pledge to reduce its environmental impact and inspire others.