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Fee status

Regulations governing fee classification.

Information for applicants

At Cardiff University fee status is determined in accordance with the Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations and with the University’s guiding principles of fee assessment:

Guiding principles of fee assessment

Cardiff University guiding principles of fee assessment.

View the requirements for a student to be regarded as ‘home’ for fee-paying purposes on the UKCISA website.

If you fit into one of the categories, we will charge you 'home' fees. In order to be eligible in a category, you must meet all the criteria required by that category, including any residence requirement. If you do not fit into one of the categories, the university will charge you at the ‘overseas’ rate of tuition fee. It is your responsibility to satisfy the university that you are able to meet the criteria of one of the categories to be classified as a ‘home’ student.

No decision is made with regard to fee status until we have received a formal application from you and in most cases, until the Admissions tutor has decided that you are to be offered a place. If we are unable to determine your fee status from the information provided in your application, we will email you to request that you fill in a fee assessment questionnaire.

Once your fee status category has been determined, we will advise you of the tuition fee which will be payable to Cardiff University. Further information on tuition fees can be found on our undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees pages.

Fee Assessment Questionnaire

For us to correctly assess your fee status, please complete and return this form with appropriate supporting documentation. We aim to make a decision on your fee status within two weeks of receiving the completed form and evidence.

If the fee assessment questionnaire document cannot be read by your assistive software or if you are unable to access the document, please email We will provide you with a list of the necessary information and evidence you will need to provide for the fee assessment.

You will be classified at the ‘higher’ rate of tuition fee while your classification is under review. Please see an explanation of what is meant by the ‘higher’ rate below:

Possible fee status classificationHigher Rate
Home or EU/OverseasEU/Overseas

Failure to return the fee assessment questionnaire and relevant supporting documentation when requested could result in you being required to pay tuition fees at the ‘higher’ rate.

If you receive an offer but are not sent a fee assessment questionnaire to complete and you believe you have been wrongly classified for fee-paying purposes, you should complete the fee assessment questionnaire above.

When you have completed your fee assessment questionnaire, please email the form and any supporting documentation to: If you are unable to email it in please post it to:

Admissions Support Team
McKenzie House
30-36 Newport Road
Cardiff CF24 0DE

If you have any questions then please email

Please ensure that all appropriate sections of the questionnaire have been completed in full, and that copies of any supporting documentation are included, to help prevent delays with your assessment.

Information for students

You should note that once you are an enrolled student, an adjustment to fee status will only be applied should it become evident that an error had been made in the initial classification, or if adjustment is required under the regulations.

If you believe that your status should be amended, (e.g. your country has joined the EU), please complete the fee assessment questionnaire above and upload it via the Student Connect Portal.

If you have any queries regarding your fee status or about the fees regulations once you have enrolled, please log an enquiry via the Student Connect Portal.