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School of Law and Politics

Internationally recognised for its vibrant research culture, accomplished staff and matched by high teaching standards.

Entry Year

CourseUCAS codeMode
French and Politics (BA) LR21 Full time
German and Politics (BA) LR22 Full time
International Relations (BScEcon) 305Q Full time
International Relations and Politics (BScEcon) L290 Full time
International Relations and Politics (with a Language) (BScEcon) L292 Full time
Italian and Politics (BA) LR23 Full time
Journalism, Communications and Politics (BA) J323 Full time
Law (LLB) M100 Full time
Law and Criminology (LLB) M190 Full time
Law and French (LLB) RM11 Full time
Law and Politics (LLB) ML12 Full time
Law and Welsh (LLB) MQ15 Full time
Politics (BScEcon) L200 Full time
Politics and Economics (BScEcon) LL12 Full time
Politics and Modern History (BScEcon) LV21 Full time
Politics and Philosophy (BA) LV25 Full time
Politics and Sociology (BScEcon) LL32 Full time
Politics and Spanish (BA) LR24 Full time
Welsh and Politics (BA) QL52 Full time