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Deferring or changing your offer

What to do if you or the university want to defer or change your offer of study.

Deferring your offer

If you would like to defer your start date for a year please get in touch with the Admissions team. Your request will be considered at the Admissions Tutor’s discretion.

Alternative course offers

If you have not met the terms of your offer but you would be eligible to study a similar course at the University, then you may be offered a place on a different course.

If the course is within the same Academic School as your original choice and is closely allied to your initial subject then we will automatically process confirmation of your place with the amended programme details.

You will be able to accept or decline the offer on UCAS Hub.

If the programme of study offer is from another academic school, but has common features or accreditation to your original choice it is possible that an Admissions Tutor would telephone you to discuss an alternative course offer, but this is uncommon.


Eligible applicants can also enquire about any vacancies we have in clearing. Find out more about clearing.

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