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Distributed Analytics and Information Science Group

Our research group unlocks the potential of big data and fast data in front line situations, where people and computer systems from multiple agencies need to collaborate.

We are making advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and network science to improve the capabilities of technology to assist coalitions working together in rapidly-changing situations, such as major disasters, to make people safer.

We bring together colleagues from across the university with specialist expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, social computing, signal processing and distributed computing.

Research themes

Our research spans the themes of:

Adaptable AI

Able to rapidly adapt in dynamic situations and learn as the operation proceeds exploiting synergies between humans and machine intelligence.

Trusted AI

Uncertainty-aware AI, enabling human users to rapidly achieve an appropriate degree of trust in AI systems when making high-stakes decisions.

Edge AI

Distributed Coalition AI able to share data and models with partners while operating under a range of privacy constraints and in DDIL communications environments.

Understanding dynamic audiences

Agent-based modelling of the way in which group and individual psychological behaviours interact, give rise to effects such as prejudice and devotion to a cause, and the emergence of opposed groups.

Research highlights

The DAIS ITA Showcases 5 Years of Research Excellence

Academics, government and industry come together to highlight success of inter-disciplinary research programme.


New blockchain method to improve logistics in UK defence and global industries

Blockchain-based research enabled the formation of SIMBA Chain Inc. which has secured contracts worth over £9.11 million, and developed secure messaging and data systems for the US Navy, US Air Force, and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Research unit lead

Professor Alun Preece

Professor Alun Preece

Professor of Intelligent Systems
Co-Director of the Security, Crime and Intelligence Innovation Institute
Deputy Head of School

+44 (0)29 2087 4653