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Violence Research Group

Violence is a leading global cause of death and serious illness and injury of children, adolescents and adults. Through research and evidence based advocacy, we have brought about policy change and practical actions to reduce violence at local, national and international levels.

We draw on expertise from across the university. Our strength and reputation comes from our interdisciplinary research in the fields of psychiatry, public health, dentistry, criminal justice, police, psychology, materials science, computer science and economics – as well as our extensive record of innovation and contributions to policy and violence prevention.

Established in 1996, we continue to:

  • understand the causes and effects of violence and to produce real-world applications to prevent it
  • evaluate violence prevention initiatives and working with service providers – including health agencies, social services, criminal justice agencies, local governments and third sector organisations
  • assess the effectiveness of interventions designed to reduce the psychological, social and economic impacts of violence
  • translate effective innovations into local, national and international policy and practice

Research highlights

Western Australia adopts ‘Cardiff Model’

Hospital data helping to tackle violence

Serious violence falls by a third

A&E data show 2020 was ‘safest year on record’

Study reveals impact of lockdown on violence in Welsh capital

Emergency department data shows ‘large reduction’ in violent injury during lockdown – but no change in violence in the home

Stock image of paramedic caring for patient

Machine learning helps to predict new violence hot spots

Cardiff University analysis uncovers ‘no alcohol’ locations that could be targeted to reduce violent crime

Doctor with patient

A new Cardiff model for effective healthcare

Consultant Clinical Prevention Champions

Photograph of the outside of an emergency department

Intoxication and prejudice

Prejudice more likely to be acted on when people are drunk


We collaborate with a range of external partners and organisations, as well as the wider public. We partner with the WHO Cardiff Violence Prevention Group to provide opportunities for prototype development, field trials, violence measurement and implementation of new evidence-based prevention interventions for the injured, victims, offenders and populations.