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About us

The Security, Crime and Intelligence Innovation Institute was established in 2015 (previously recognised as the Crime and Security Research Institute).

Our expertise spans criminology, computer science, strategic communications and behavioural science. We are especially interested in enabling collaboration across academic disciplines and thought communities. A lot of our work is challenge-led – designing and delivering scientific innovations by engaging with real-world problems. This allows our research to generate impact, while retaining academic prestige.

Key examples of this include:

  • Leading the intellectual development of Neighbourhood Policing in the UK.
  • The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention has been implemented in a large number of countries across the globe.
  • Uncovering the Internet Research Agency’s involvement in fomenting social division in the aftermath of UK terror attacks in 2017.

We have a track record of creative, independent and rigorous analysis that provides evidence, insight and understanding. Our Innovation Institute has repeatedly delivered global impacts across the policy, practice and academic communities.

Our research strategy focuses on engaging with the new security challenges and opportunities associated with our modern, data-driven society.

Our research themes

Artificial intelligence for defence

We explore how new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are altering the offensive and defensive postures and operating concepts of the military. This research is led by our Distributed Analytics and Information Science group.

Disinformation, strategic communications and open sources

We analyse how information and influence operations are impacting public understanding and political decision-making to shape security, prosperity and democracy. The Disinformation, Strategic Communications and Open Sources Research Group lead this research.

Crime, violence and policing

Cardiff University has an international reputation for its research on aspects of the criminal justice system. Our Universities' Police Science Institute and Violence Research Group are working on projects covering innovations in police practice and the association between alcohol and violence.

Research partners

We have a significant track record of collaborating closely with partners from across industry, government, civil society and academia. Our close partnerships ensure the work we carry out remains current and is of strategic importance to policy and practice.

We are proud to be trusted by governments, police forces and major academic funding bodies around the world to provide research and capability building.

Our long-term collaborative relationships include: