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Our studies have made and continue to make a real-world impact to people on a global scale.

Our research has directly influenced how police, governments and security agencies are responding to the opportunities and challenges induced by the new information environment and its associated disruptive technologies.

Worldwide connections

From Minutes to Months

Leading counter-terrorism experts offer new communications guidance for authorities to better manage the impacts of terror attacks.

Wasted: The impact of Alcohol & Violence on the NHS

Wasted: The impact of Alcohol and Violence on the NHS

New research has found that consuming any more than just one unit a day may have adverse cognitive effects for some.

Copcat London Underground Advert

A cartoon cat is helping the police in London

Copcat has been warning the public of thieves on bikes stealing mobile phones.

'Fake News' written in code

The spread of fake news following terrorist attacks

Social media reactions analysed to examine the spread of fake news and its impact on behaviour

Social Media icons, copyright Jason Howie

Using social media to manage large scale events

How software tools provided real-time information to police during the 2014 NATO summit in South Wales.

Policewoman in the community

Improving community policing

Pioneering research by the Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) has made police more effective at understanding and responding to crime and disorder.