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Energy Revolution Research Consortium: EnergyREV

The EnergyREV consortium will help the UK to move to a zero-carbon future

The EnergyREV Consortium will provide evidence for scaling up smart local energy systems, maximising the use of sustainable resources, engaging and empowering communities and people, and delivering an equitable move to a zero-carbon future whilst enhancing the UK economy.

The primary objective of the Energy Revolution Research Consortium (EnergyREV) is to coordinate and integrate existing UK world-class knowledge, research teams and facilities to provide advice, research and innovation support to help ensure the success of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme. We are achieving this by bringing together a strongly managed, closely coordinated, highly multi-disciplinary group of researchers from across 22 universities in the UK involving more than 60 academics. £12 million has been secured by the EnergyREV Consortium.

We are undertaking a strategic programme of interdisciplinary research, interacting with all aspects of the PFER programme to ensure that UK academic expertise delivers impact and is enhanced through detailed engagement with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), industry, the Energy Systems Catapult and all key stakeholders. We are engaging with stakeholders and existing capability through key partners at all levels to ensure strategic leadership, strong consortium management and effective research, analysis and learning.

Research themes

There are six key research themes to simulate the scale up of smart local energy systems:

  • Infrastructure: adapting advances in AI, data analytics and controls
  • Business: understanding current local energy business sector to accelerate innovation
  • Institutions: assessing policy, regulation and markets for local energy sector change
  • Users: investigating how user preferences and practices evolve over time
  • Developing a whole systems understanding: capture and synthesise knowledge from all aspects of the value chain and integrating learnings
  • Supporting scale-up: understanding potential constraints that can prevent scale up of local energy systems and solutions to overcome them.


  • The Welsh School of Architecture has secured £900,000 to lead Knowledge Management, Engagement and Dissemination across the consortium and to be part of the Executive Committee and Management Committee.
  • Jo Patterson (Co-I) WITH: led by Strathclyde University. 22 universities funded through the consortium of 50+ researchers.
  • EPSRC/UK Industrial Challenge Fund Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) Programme YEARS: 2018‒23.


Professor Jo Patterson

Professor Jo Patterson

Professorial Research Fellow

+44 (0)29 2087 4754