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Urban food growing – what are our options?

Anaheim chillies
Anaheim chillies

In a context of increasing urbanisation and industrial food production – how can people reduce the impact of their food?

Global populations are becoming more urbanised. Agriculture is becoming more industrialised. In this context – what are the most space efficient methods of growing food in an urban environment? Can this reduce environmental impact compared to shop bought? Experiments with greenhouse hydroponics (deep water culture), greenhouse growing with artificial substrate, outdoor peat free compost in pots and outdoor small planting beds are used to compare different approaches and results.

This is not a comparison of growing one plant in each growing type (as many plants are not suitable for all approaches) rather an exploration of best use of these options.

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Dr Vicki Stevenson

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Reader, Course Director for MSc Environmental Design of Buildings, Director of Postgraduate Research

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