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Energy and sustainability

Wind turbines

Our researchers are working to advance energy technology and ensure a more sustainable future.

From modelling greener cities and buildings to tackling alternative energy technologies, we work across disciplines to improve sustainable practices in areas such as construction, fuel, waste disposal and flood protection.

With multi-million pound funding from the European Regional Development Fund, the Welsh Government and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, our Gas Turbine Research Centre is finding cleaner and more efficient ways of generating power for electricity and aircraft.

In 2011 we launched SEREN, a £8.3m green energy project that is helping businesses develop new technologies and products in West Wales and the Valleys, creating more than 150 jobs in the low carbon economy.

A new generation of sustainable buildings are being developed by our BRE Centre for Sustainable Construction, who with £3.3m funding, are paving the way for buildings that have lifelong resilience and adaptability to their environment.

The Low Carbon Research Institute brings together academic expertise from across Wales to address the global threats and opportunities of climate change. Established with a £5.1m grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, the Institute works with industry and government to find new ways to reduce the carbon emissions of existing technologies.

Our unique expertise in high voltage energy has been strengthened by the creation of the Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory. Founded in partnership with EADS, the £1.4m facility is investigating the effects of lightning strikes on aircraft, especially jets made of composite materials, such as the new Airbus A350.