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Sustainable Places Research Institute

A meeting place for sustainability science, focussed on exploring innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

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We deliver relevant, robust, research that is used by policy-makers across Wales, the UK and further afield to support evidence-based policy making.

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Latest news

Rethinking the Anthropocene

Novel ecosystems and the return of nature in the Anthropocene

29 April 2019

Professor Susan Baker contributes to new book, rethinking the environment for the Anthropocene.

Image of Hannah Pitt

Allotment and community gardens expert addresses Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee

12 April 2019

Dr Hannah Pitt addressed the benefits and challenges of allotments and community gardens.


Messing about on the river

2 April 2019

New paper studying the effect of landscape features on genetic diversity highlights importance of forest corridors for conservation.

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