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Civic mission and public engagement

A young girl learns about the brain

We put our communities at the heart of everything we do.

We have been responding to major challenges faced by society and undertaking work for the public good for well over 130 years. It’s what we call our civic mission. We are committed to improving the health, wealth and wellbeing of our local communities within the Cardiff Capital Region and take seriously our role to promote environmental sustainability and diversity.

Public engagement builds on the strong foundations laid by our place-based work in civic mission. We do this through a range of activities focussing on tackling social inequalities, reaching out to young people and excluded communities locally, across Wales and beyond. We want to support those who will benefit from our research, knowledge and teaching. We work with members of the public to shape, carry out, and share our work nationally and globally with the goal of opening public dialogue and generating mutual benefit.

Our ambition

Our aim is to be recognised locally, nationally and internationally for our collaborative and inclusive civic mission and public engagement practice.

Visit our community pages to find out more about our exciting community-led civic mission projects that focus on building Wales’ skills for the future, catalysing Wales’ green recovery, and embracing community engagement. Learn how we’re using our research, teaching and expertise to benefit our diverse communities through our varied public engagement activities.

Civic mission

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do. We’re using our expertise to benefit our diverse communities, and to help Wales build back fairer from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public engagement

Public engagement allows us to set priorities, share ideas and expertise to bring about benefits for all through active and collaborative efforts