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Honorary staff

Our distinguished honorary staff work in collaboration with the School on a number of research and teaching projects.

Emeritus Professor

Emerita Professor

Honorary Professor

Honorary Distinguished Professor

  • Professor H Stevens

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

  • Professor A Tales

Honorary Research Fellow

Honorary Research Associate

  • Dr D Burnett
  • Dr H C M Carroll
  • Mrs S Davies
  • Ms B Seisdedos de Vega
  • Dr B E Frost

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Honorary Lecturer

  • Dr P Bradley
  • Dr B Davies
  • Dr S Fisher
  • Dr J Hunt
  • Mr R T Kidd
  • Dr H Kirkaldie
  • Dr C James
  • Dr L Jones
  • Mr M Rivett
  • Dr V Samuel
  • Dr M Winter
  • Dr S Morgan

Honorary Senior Tutor

  • Dr S Davies
  • Dr C Hartwright
  • Dr J Jones
  • Dr S Killlick
  • Dr A McCulloch
  • Dr C O'Leary
  • Dr J Pitt
  • Dr A Pudduck
  • Dr M Smalley
  • Dr A Vidgen
  • Dr M Williams

Honorary Tutor

  • Ms E Balfour
  • Dr M Brown
  • Dr E Cook
  • Mrs B Cox
  • Dr E Davies-Edwards
  • Mr J Dorothy
  • Ms J Delahay
  • Mr D L Hitt
  • Dr K Thomason
  • Dr C Willson

Visiting Research Fellow

  • Dr T Persson