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Undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to share their passion and enthusiasm for science and to develop skills in public engagement and outreach.

Secondary school children in a classroom using an ipad.

We inform the public about cutting edge scientific research, provide resources for teachers and inspire young people to develop an interest in science.

Studying with us gives you a valuable opportunity to develop the skills required to meet your career choices, whether you are interested in teaching, entrepreneurship or research. This might include giving public talks, developing educational resources for teachers, working with schools or seeking public input into research.

Outreach opportunities

Universe in the Classroom

The Universe in the Classroom project plans to reach 6,000 children in a year and 60,000 over a decade. To carry out the ambitious goals of this programme, we invite enthusiastic science undergraduates to volunteer as Stellar Role Models (STARS).

As a volunteer, you can help us reach out to primary schools and communities across Wales, and spark curiosity about the Universe in young children. STARS also count towards the Cardiff Award Scheme, which recognises extra-curricular activities and focuses on students’ professional development.

You can take part in workshops for teachers and children, exploring the cosmos in classrooms with our using 0.4-m robotic telescope, Universe-in-a-Box, and other learning activities.

We also deliver free physics and astronomy presentations to school groups and a Christmas Lecture pitched at GCSE students.

Open Days and Widening Access events

Volunteering to help out with our Open Days will give you the opportunity to talk to the public about science and inspire young people to learn more about physics and astronomy.

You can take part in scientific fairs and festivals, including Big Bang UK, Big Bang Cymru, Cheltenham Science Festival, the Eisteddfod, and the Cardiff Science Festival. You can also take science to the streets with our 'Science Busking' programme.

We also have a range of programmes and activities designed to raise aspirations and promote higher education to traditionally under-represented groups. There are often paid opportunities to help assist in A level or GCSE revision classes in physics.

The University also has a range of widening access programmes.

STEM ambassadors

As a STEM ambassador, you will inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,

As part of this scheme, you will join a national network of like minded communicators in which you can easily find out about outreach and careers events held near you.