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Summer research placements

We offer students the exciting opportunity to spend a summer working with our staff on a real-life project.

The Cardiff University Summer Research Opportunities Programme (CUROP) is one of the largest undergraduate research schemes in the UK. Students are offered a stipend to support them on a placement of up to eight weeks duration, working with supervision on staff-defined research projects.

At the end of the summer, all participating students come together for a day to exhibit posters of their research, sharing their experiences and research finding.

Visit our Summer Internships Blog for more information and view examples of previous projects below.

Examples of previous projects

Molecular gas in Fornax cluster galaxies

Supervisor: Dr Matt Smith, Dr Tim Davis
Duration: Eight weeks

This project used data collected by the 22m Mopra telescope of galaxies in the Fornax cluster. The project started by optimising the data processing pipeline to produce the best maps possible, which was then compared with our extensive data at other wavebands.

Theory and simulation of microcavity polaritons

Supervisor: Dr Joe Wilkes
Duration: Eight weeks

During this full-time placement, the successful applicant contributed to the intense study of exciton-polaritons in quantum wells embedded in an optical microcavity. This project both furthered the pursuit of fundamental physics and the development of optical devices.

The simulation of such systems is an area where the Theory and Computational Physics group is internationally leading. Both analytical and numerical methods were used to solve the coupled Maxwell’s and Schrödinger equations that describe microcavity polaritons. The work built on knowledge acquired in modules on quantum mechanics, fields and flows and condensed matter physics.

Summer Research Internships in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy

Our internship programme gives undergraduates from around the world the opportunity to conduct research with the Gravity Exploration Institute over the summer vacation. Successful applicants can typically spend up to eight weeks here in Cardiff conducting research with a group mentor.