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We work with industry, education, government and public groups to ensure our research has impact in the real world and benefits human health and welfare.

Our research has led to changes in practice guidelines and improvements in clinical training. It stimulates policy debate and its implementation by government and public-sector bodies. It impacts on NHS and professional workforce planning and leads to new service models.

Working with global multinationals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, we have seen applied use of our technologies and improved performance of our partners. We also work with medical charities, patient groups and individuals to increase public understanding of our research and its impact in society in order to stimulate debate.

Highlight case studies

Scientist examining liquid in lab

Creating new anti-viral and cancer drugs

ProTide technology is a pro-drug strategy with proven capacity to generate new drug candidates for nucleoside-based antiviral and anti-cancer indications.

Pills in a bottle image

Discovering the world's most powerful antiviral agent against shingles

FV-100 is a brand new anti-viral drug that aims to bring relief to millions of shingle sufferers from around the world.

Man using an inhaler

Improving the effectiveness of inhaled medicines

New research offers hope to millions of people who suffer from respiratory illnesses.