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We undertake a variety of research projects supported by funding and our broad range of research interests.

This is a sample of some of our current funded research projects: 

Investigator(s) Funded Title Dates Amount (£)
Professor A Jones
Dr S Hiscox
Dr A Westwell 
Cancer Research WalesInducing HER2 Endocytosis and Down regulation via enhanced antibody-receptor clustering as a therapeutic strategy in breast cancer.01/09/15 - 28/02/17£101,124
Dr A Brancale 
Dr A Westwell
Dr R Clarkson
Tiziana Life Sciences PlcDesign, synthesis and evaluation of cFlip inhibitors as novel anticancer agents.
(Joint project with School of Biosciences) 
06/05/15 - 04/05/17£100,000
Professor C McGuiganNucana Biomed Ltd

Anti-cancer Protides

01/01/14 - 31/12/15 £96,500
Dr J Gee
Professor R Nicholson
In the pinkExamination of the adhesion molecule CD44 and it's variants in relation to endocrine treatment outcome in clinical breast cancer01/04/10- 31/07/17£297,170
Dr P ProkopovichSêr Cymru NRN SwanseaCold atmospheric gas plasma technology to engineer advanced materials with functional properties for arthroplasty.01/01/16- 31/12/17£99,181