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Lay Faculty

Our Lay Faculty is a key part of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and plays an important role in shaping and informing our research.

Members contribute a breadth of professional knowledge and a wealth of life experience to help us foster a strong relationship between our research and the public - who we ultimately strive to serve.

lay faculty poster day prize
Our Lay Faculty award a prize and provide valuable insight during our undergraduate research Poster Day.

Our Lay Faculty Members

Ian Hill

Ian is a lay advisor to Welsh medical research, works with SuperPrime, Health Technology Wales, CUBiobank, several funding applications and trials with Prime and CTU. He has a special interest in effective early diagnosis, the local delivery of medical services, antimicrobial resistance, genomics and bioinformatics.

Mari James

Mari has interests in gerontology, domiciliary palliative care, use of medication as treatment for long term conditions, involvement of octogenarians and nonagenarians in research, and matching pharmacy research to evidence-based government policy.

Alan Meudell

Alan's interests include mental health and the impact of comorbidity, psychopharmacology, and public and patient involvement in research, as well as governance surrounding research.

Sian Steen

Sian has a family background in pharmaceuticals, including community pharmacy and pharmaceutical development of new drugs. Sian's particular interests include treatment for chronic conditions and take up of services in local pharmacies.

Rhys Thomas

Rhys works as a Research and Engagement Assistant in the School of Pharmacy and has an interest in science, and science communication. His science interests are varied but he is particularly interested in cell biology and cancer treatments. He is a STEM Ambassador and regularly helps deliver the University's public engagement events. He is also an author.

As a complete lay person, I’ve found it fascinating to gain an insight into and help influence the research activities at the School. I imagine a lot of ordinary people think of pharmacy as your local chemist’s shop, and my involvement in the Lay Faculty has opened my eyes to the incredibly broad range of world-leading research being undertaken at the School, ranging from 3-D printing of tissue and developing different types of microneedles, to investigating the antibacterial properties of honey and exploring new collagen materials.

Rhys Thomas

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