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Protecting yourself and your belongings

Last updated: 09/08/2023 15:44

We care about your safety and well-being and want you to have a positive student experience.

In partnership with Safezone, South Wales Police, Residences, Student Life Services and the Students’ Union, we aim to create a safe and secure university community, providing information, advice, support, and services.

Our Security Team patrols our campuses and will talk to you if you have any security concerns or questions.

Stay safe when you are out and about

Download our free SafeZone app for your quick and easy way to alert Security Services or South Wales Police when you need help or assistance.

You can use the Safezone app to send a location-based alert from your smartphone, if you need an emergency response, first-aid or general security assistance. When you are on campus, SafeZone can also show you where you are on a map in a variety of formats.

SafeZone allows you to communicate with security officers via text message, which means it’s accessible for people with hearing, speaking or visual impairments.

Concerned about your or others' safety

You can report anything suspicious, or any situation that makes you concerned about your safety or the safety of others whilst on campus to our Security Services on +44 (0)29 2087 4444. If you are off campus, you should contact South Wales Police on 101.

Need urgent or emergency assistance

If you think you or someone else is in immediate danger or need urgent assistance, contact the emergency services on 999.

Further information and support when you arrive

The intranet provides more information and advice to help keep you safe and to support you, including:

  • tips on personal safety and crime prevention
  • options for getting home safely: tips, including the Cardiff Safety Bus and Dragon Taxis safe taxi scheme
  • staying safe online: browsing history, protecting emails and passwords, and scams
  • getting urgent advice: if you or someone else requires urgent or out-of-hours support, here's who to contact
  • immediate support and safety advice: if you have experienced an incident that has caused injury or harm
  • contacting our Disclosure Response Team: if you have been affected by an incident of violence, abuse or unwanted behaviour that is distressing or offensive
  • violence and abuse resources: if you want further information on recognising unhealthy, violent, or abusive behaviours and for further information on consent
  • contacting our Student Health and Wellbeing team if you need to talk to someone to manage your emotional health and wellbeing
  • opportunities to become an empowered and active bystander.