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Funding your support

Last updated: 27/02/2024 12:20

Find out about funding available to meet the cost of your support.

Disabled Students' Allowance

If you are a home student you may be entitled to a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). The DSA is a non-means test available to disabled students and designed to pay for any additional study-related costs that may arise as a result of your access requirements.

DSA can potentially help you with funding towards:

  • specialist equipment (for example software, hardware and ergonomic equipment)
  • non-medical helpers (for example specialist study skills support and mentoring)
  • general additional disability-related expenses
  • extra travel costs.

Please be aware that this allowance is only available to UK students via your funding body. It is provided in addition to the standard student finance package you receive and is subject to various terms and conditions.

If you are an international or EU student and can get help with your tuition fees, then you will not be eligible for DSA funding.

How to apply

You can make your application for DSA via your funding body in advance of starting your course. Please be aware that the application process can be different for undergraduate and postgraduate students and those studying on a course funded by the NHS.

Please check your funding body’s website for details on how to apply. If you have any questions about making your DSA application please get in touch.

Evidence for your application

When you apply, you'll need to provide evidence that you have a disability as defined by the Equality Act (2010).

Examples of supporting evidence include a GP or specialist’s letter. In the case of a specific learning difficulty a diagnostic report,  by a suitably qualified assessor.

International and EU students

If you're an international or EU student, please contact your home government for information about accessing funding. Your sponsors may provide an additional grant to cover any extra expenses you have because of your disability.

We will work with you to assess your needs and implement appropriate reasonable adjustments to support you in your studies.

Personal care and assistance

Some of our students require personal care and assistance to help with daily living, such as assistance with cooking, shopping, bathing and dressing.

This support is not provided by the University, however we will work with you to provide advice and information on arranging support with external providers and Social Services.

If you're a UK student, Social Services will be responsible for funding your personal care package. If you are an international student, it is important that you consider how you will fund your personal care assistance (for example, privately, via sponsor or charitable trust) and that you arrange this support before you begin living and studying in Cardiff.

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