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Educational resources and activities for schools

Schools engagement

All of our resources and activities are free for teachers and pupils to access.

They are designed to support the teaching of the new curriculum in Wales and are listed according to curriculum themes:

The audience for each resource is given in order of Key Stages and school years.

The resources have been produced by members of staff, PhD students and medical students, specifically to enhance the learning of science and health subjects, and to raise aspirations and interest in those areas of study.

If you have any queries about any of the resources, or would like any information about our Science in Health activities for schools, please contact us.

Medic Engagement

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We are continuously trying to improve the educational activities we offer. To allow us to do this we welcome your feedback:

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Resources and activities

Health and Wellbeing

Human Body WorkshopVideoKey stage two - years 3-6
Mental Health ResourceInteractive PowerPointKey stage two - years 5-6
Alcohol AwarenessVideoKey stage two - years 5-6
Sexual Health ResourceInteractive PowerPointKey stages four and five - years 10-13
Tips for Sleep Deprived TeensVideoKey stages four and five - years 10-13
Young People’s Mood and WellbeingVideoKey stages four and five - years 10-13
Young People's Mental Health in a digital worldVideoKey stages four and five - years 10-13
Cancer Research VariousAll key stages

Science and Technology

The Background and Basics of First AidVideoKey stage two - years 5-6
How are vaccines and medicines discovered?VideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Tour of Wales Kidney Research UnitVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
FACS analysis of immune cells - using flow cytometryVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Antibiotic resistanceVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Discovering the cancer killer T-cellVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Eosinophil and macrophage messages and changes in tissue healthVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Tour of biomedical research animal care facilitiesVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Animal Research, the Law and Alzheimer’s Disease VideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Viral Sepsis: a spotlight on Covid 19 and sepsisVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Cell Culture - Splitting CellsVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Telomeres and Chromosomal DamageVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
A Virus, Sex and Cancer: Jabs for the boys!VideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Antibiotics and YouVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
The century of the brainVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
How does the painkiller know you have a headacheVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Life that sparklesVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Infections, Viruses and Vaccines worksheetsPDFKey stage two - years 5-6
SuperbugsInteractive websiteAll key stages
How to extract DNAVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Extracellular vesiclesPDFKey stage five - years 12-13

Generic - careers and admissions

Top Tips for applying to MedicineVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Admission and SelectionVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
A Tour of Clinical SkillsVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Healthcare Science in NHS WalesVideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Health Psychology: What is it? Where is it? And Why?VideoKey stage five - years 12-13
Opportunities in the Life Sciences SectorVideoKey stage five - years 12-13