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Science in Health

This programme aims to inspire the next generation of talent.

It covers four main areas:

  • Public lectures.
  • Science in Health Live!
  • Lab work experience.
  • Life Sciences Challenge.

Public lectures

The Science in Health Public Lecture Series are free events that attract a diverse audience including the public, secondary school pupils and professionals. The series aims to open up areas of concern in health care and present new research on health issues to the public.

The lectures are held on Thursday evenings, running from October to April, usually in the large Chemistry Lecture Theatre of the University Main Building. The lectures are free and no booking is required. All are welcome – including senior school pupils interested in a career in healthcare.

Local year 12 and 13 pupils have the opportunity to meet with the speaker prior to the lecture. If you are a year 12 or 13 pupil and wish to meet with one of the forthcoming speakers, please contact Medic Engagement.

2018/2019 Public Lecture Series

Thursday 11 October 2018Why do my joints hurt and what can I do about it?
View video recording
Professor Philip Conaghan,
University of Leeds
Thursday 8 November 2018The Welsh plan to transform patient care with genomics.
View video recording
Panel of speakers from 'Genomics Partnership Wales' and 'The 100,000 Genomics Project in Wales'
Thursday 6 December 2018Antibiotic Resistance: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.
View video recording 
Dr Jonathan Tyrell,
Cardiff University 
Thursday 17 January 2019Mining and editing plant and animal genomes to improve global food security - scientific progress and ethical dilemmas.
View video recording
Professor Denis Murphy,
University of South Wales 
Thursday 21 February 2019The inflamed mind: a radical new approach to depression.
View video recording 
Professor Edward Bullmore,
Cambridge University 
Thursday 28 March 2019Dementia - the One Stop Guide
View video recording 
Professor June Andrews, OBE

Science in Health Live!

Science in Health Live
Year 12 pupils engaging in one of our interactive displays.

This annual event involves five schools within Cardiff University (Medicine, Dentistry, Healthcare Sciences, Optometry and Vision Sciences and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), has been running for over twenty years.

Almost 1,000 year 12 pupils from across Wales and the border counties visit the School for this event to gain insight into our ongoing biomedical research.

The day includes:

  • laboratory tours
  • interactive exhibition areas
  • stand-up science comedy
  • short talks on various hot topics
  • a Science Theatre presentation demonstrating medical and clinical sciences in action
  • a closing career session on 'Where can science lead you?' whereby mobile phone use is positively encouraged in order to ask career-related questions.

Considerable efforts are made to ensure that pupils registered on the University’s widening access scheme, 'Step-up to University' are able to attend.

Science in Health Live 2019 - 25th anniversary

If you and/or your students would like to attend the 25th anniversary event taking place on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March 2019, please complete the online booking form.

Booking deadline is Friday 15 February 2019, or when the event becomes full.

Science in Health LIVE 2019 - Invitation and event details

Science in Health LIVE 2019 - Invitation and event details

18 December 2018

Your invitation to Science in Health LIVE 2019 and more details about the event.


Lab work experience

A coordinated and evolving programme of schemes to inspire year 12 students that are interested in a science or medicine-related degree.

Lab work
Some pupils enjoying the hands on lab work.

The students receive a general introduction to the week including an outline of the nature of the work undertaken in the research laboratories.

The remainder of the week is set up whereby the students have a range of experiences working in teams with a number of different investigators and their research groups.

The students have opportunities to experience cutting edge-technologies like molecular biology, flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, egg micro-injection, virology, mass spectrometry, X-ray crystallography, pharmacology and cellular immunology with research groups from across the school.

Importantly, the students have the chance of meeting PhD students and post-doctoral fellows many of whom are in the early stages of their career. On the final afternoon, the students come together to describe what they have learnt from the week and information is also provided on the UCAS application process.

Application form

Science in Health - work experience application form

10 April 2018

Please read this form carefully and fill in ALL sections.


The closing date for 2019 applications is 31 March 2019.

Life Sciences Challenge

An inter-school competition for year 10 pupils consisting of a quiz designed and delivered by both PhD students and early career researchers (Post Doctoral Researchers and Junior Fellows).

Life Sciences Challenge
Pupils taking part in the Life Sciences Challenge quiz.

These are individuals who are passionate about science, and have chosen to dedicate their lives to scientific research. They want to share this enthusiasm for trying to understand the natural world with pupils in Wales.

We hope that by giving pupils the opportunity to meet young scientists working locally, we will inspire them to consider the possibilities of scientific careers.

Some of the questions will follow the National Curriculum, but others may require knowledge gained from further reading/investigation.

Importantly, some questions will test pupils’ ability to analyse data and apply logic and learned knowledge to unfamiliar concepts. Questions will be largely Biology and Chemistry based, but could involve aspects of Physics and Geology where these pertain to understanding the living world.

How to enter

To enter a team (or several teams) in the preliminary online round, please email Closing date for entries is end of January 2019.

Science in Health: Life Sciences Challenge Invite 2019

Science in Health: Life Sciences Challenge Invite 2019

11 December 2018

Your invitation to take part in the all Wales inter-school competition for year 10 pupils.


News article

Life Sciences Quiz final 2018

Starter for 10, Welsh Schools take up the challenge!

The Life Sciences Challenge is an inter-school competition for Year 10 pupils designed and delivered by PhD students, medical students, scientists and early career researchers within the School of Medicine.

For further information about any of these activities please contact:

Medic Engagement